Monday, December 18, 2017
By Darty Hines
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We Are SYNC is a video collection from attendees at SYNC, a portrait photography conference that is held in Destin, Florida. The 4-day conference has an inspiring creative environment, powerful speakers and a multitude of vendors. But most important is the relationships and friendships you will cultivate as an attendee. 

Our first video in the We Are SYNC series comes from Blair Phillps of Blair Phillips Photography in China Grove, NC. We first met Blair at SYNC 2011. Blair and his wife Suzzane have attended every year since. Blair talks about the importance of growing relationships and how that has become an invaluable part of the growth of his successful business. It has been an honor watching Bair's journey with his business and we look forward to hearing from him on the main stage at SYNC 2018. 

"I have mountains of friends who have my back because of SYNC." 


We Are SYNC - Blair Phillips

If you want to experience the conference that makes you "On fire to witness about it" click the button below and start your Journey today. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
By Darty Hines
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"Most people know more about their favorite sports team and the statistics of their favorite players than they know about their own business." - Rudi Marten  

When you get up in the morning, the most important thing you can ask yourself is: How will I win today? Putting those plans and systems in place to run a successful portrait business is vital to your growth as a small business owner. 

The video below is from one of the most successful studios in the country. Clark Marten photography will be at SYNC 2018 to help you win in your business. They will teach you:


 • Essential marketing models that aren't based on hope, but predictable results.

• Organizational structures that are the foundations of any high achiever’s business.

• Sales systems and practices that move the decision away from price and about the image and emotion.

• What top photographers are doing to stand out in a crowded market.

• How to create the systems needed to simplify your everyday life.

• The distinguishing characteristics of million dollar studios -- the way they think!

• How you can get on the photography career path to grossing a million dollars.


Watch the video below and then head to SYNCrocks to register for the photography conference and trade show everyone is talking about. SYNC is an event that will connect you with over 400 portrait photographers who will quickly become your friends and family. 

We are all on a Journey. Don't take the trip alone. Start your journey to Destin, Florida where you will learn from top educators, talk to leading vendors, and connect with fellow photographers at fun events.  

Start your Journey to SYNC 2018 today! 

Friday, December 01, 2017
By Darty Hines
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It's not too often you hear someone tell you to Dream Smaller. As our keynote presenter at SYNC 2018 Jon Acuff says in the video below, you won't see that statement on the wall in a cross fit gym. In 2015 I left my full-time job to focus 100% on my photography conference and trade show, SYNC. During that transition period I picked up Jon's New York Times bestseller; Do Over. My favorite quote from that book is: "Great lives are rarely created in comfort". After reading Do Over I made it a mission to Dream Big and have Jon speak at our event. One of the key points in Jon's new book Finish is to take twice as long to accomplish the goal. You are allowed to adjust the timeline. This is exactly what we did. The goal was to have Jon speak at the 2017 conference, but in reality, to get the goal FINISHED, we adjusted our dream, changed our timeline and he is presenting at our 10th anniversary of SYNC in February 2018. 


The stage is now set. On opening night at SYNC 2018, Jon Acuff will take the stage to speak to over 400 creative entrepreneurs about finishing our goals. We will be inspired and will laugh together as we experience this talk live on stage at the friendliest photography conference in America. When we conclude the three-day event we will all have a list of action items from Jon and over 20 photography industry presenters. We will take the lessons we were taught back to our businesses and create lofty goal lists. If you want to accomplish those goals you have to accept that you can set the bar lower, you can take twice as long, and you can trade perfect for done. We will learn more about this from Jon Acuff at SYNC 2018. If you want to learn how to Finish, register for SYNC today

To Hear more from Jon click the video below. 


PS - Every goal has great partners. We could not accomplish our goal without the help from H&H Color Labs and Show Me Success In Photography.  

Monday, November 13, 2017
By Kevin Harrington
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Guest Blogger: Kevin Harrington 

Muhammad Ali's best friend was a photographer. Sound familiar?  Well, this isn't going to be that kind of story.  His friend, Howard Bingham, really is a professional photographer.  He documented much of Ali's history with incredible images.  But I digress...     
Several years ago I had the privilege of creating the senior portraits of Muhammad Ali's youngest son, Assad.  I knew that Muhammad had a very good friend who was a professional photographer, Howard Bingham.  When scheduling our seniors, we always ask how they heard of us.  Lonnie Ali said, "this is where all his friends went and the pictures are great".  The whole process couldn't have been more "normal", except maybe for one of the appointments when Muhammad came along and stood in the parking lot doing some stretches.  Our studio is located at the only stoplight in our little town of about 500 villages, so needless to say, having Muhammad Ali in our building... that got some attention!
After Mrs. Ali was finished with the order I wanted to address the subject of Howard Bingham and possibly even ask why he hadn't done the photos for their son.  I mentioned that I had seen his display at Imaging USA to start the conversation rolling.  She said how great Howard was and what a wonderful photographer, but that she knew they would probably never get any images if they had him do the senior pictures.  Laughing about the fact that he wasn't very organized, as many creatives aren't. 


I think this speaks not only to having strong systems and workflow in place, but also to selling printed photographs, and frames.  Almost all of our seniors purchase wall-sized portraits and frames from Harrington Pix.  We take the time to assist them in selecting their favorite images, and from those, we help move them to the ones that would make the best display.  Then we help them choose the best frame to really make the image come to life.  Doing this takes a commitment on our part and theirs, but not having these systems in place only makes it harder for people to get our beautiful images on their walls where they can be enjoyed for years.  Left to their own devices, people will not take the time to order their images, and even if they do, will they be printed correctly?  Will they take them to a frame shop to find that perfect frame?  Probably not.  Selling files to customers rather than prints and frames is not serving them completely. We want to be a full-service studio and serve our clients completely. 
I'm happy to say the Ali family has several images of Assad, framed beautifully and displayed for all to see.  I can just imagine Muhammad going up to them before his passing and making his famous "boxing face" and holding a fist up to salute his son, Assad.   
Kevin Harrington 
Three Oaks Michigan 
You can hear more from Kevin Harrington on the main stage at our portrait photography conference, SYNC 2018. Kevin is one of 20 talented presenters that will be live at SYNC. If you would like more information on attending SYNC, visit this section of our website.  
All images are copyright @harringtonpix and should not be used or distributed without written permission from Kevin Harrington. 
Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Darty Hines
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You can and you will.

"We weren't charging enough. We weren't making enough. I did not know how I was going to provide for my family." 


If this sounds like you... watch the video below and then head to SYNCrocks to register for the photography conference and trade show everyone is talking about. SYNC is an event that will connect you with over 400 portrait photographers who will quickly become your friends and family. 

We are all on a Journey. Don't take the trip alone. Start your journey to Destin, Florida where you will learn from top educators, talk to leading vendors, and connect with fellow photographers at fun events.  

Watch the video below then click the link to start your Journey to SYNC 2018 today! 

SYNC is a portrait photography conference and trade show. We believe in providing creative entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build a successful photography business. These tools include pre-convention classes where you can spend a full day with leading influencers in the photography community. The Marten family will change the way you think about business.  

You can add the Marten family's Jump Start class to your SYNC registration. This full-day pre-convention class will take place on Friday, February 23rd, 2018. Spend quality time with the Marten Family and their business coach, David Hilton and you will leave the class with the tools you need to turn your CAN'T into CAN. 

The class includes the following bonuses and potential prizes: 

1. Free Tshirt for each student in the class. 
2. The Photographer's Business Audit home study course for each student in the class. 
3. VIP social with the students of the class and other industry leaders. 
4. Your chance to win lunch or dinner with the Martens during SYNC 2018. 
5. Your chance to fly to Montana to spend two days mentoring with the Martens - ALL EXPENSES PAID. 

Over $7,900 worth of possible bonuses for only $129 (with your SYNC 2018 registration) 


Click the button below to start your Journey to SYNC 2018.