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SYNC: A Creative Community SYNCing Business & Life with Opportunity
This creative community of professional photographers, digital artists, studio owners and industry service providers gather together to create, learn and inspire each other with business and life opportunities. 


SYNC 2018 - Take The Journey
February 23-26, 2018
Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort
Destin, FL

SYNC Sports 2018
2018 Dates TBA 
Spooky Nook Sports
Lancaster, PA

About the Owners
SYNC is owned and operated by Darty and Michele Hines. It was founded in November 2008 with its first event launched in January 2009 bringing Darty’s vision to life. Darty Hines is a professional photographer that has been in the industry for over 26 years working with several prestigious photographers throughout his career. Currently he is photographing high school seniors and families in Central Pennsylvania in his home based studio. 

Darty has been a long time member of the Professional Photographers of America, PPA, has won numerous industry awards, currently on the speaking circuit and has always believed in quality education within the industry.

Darty and Michele met during college at Ohio Institute of Photography in Dayton, OH where the chemistry was not just in the darkroom.  They married a few years after college graduation, have 3 beautiful daughters (Elise, Marissa and Samantha) who all take an active roll in producing the SYNC Events, and currently reside in Millersburg, Pennsylvania.

In addition to SYNC, Michele was the Director of Programs & Services at Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association, PLNA, for approximately 13 years. Those thirteen years brought experience of event planning, conferences, and trade shows to the SYNC family business. Recently, she has focused all of her attention on producing their portrait photography convention. 

Together, they are a team that brings passion and commitment for your success. They do this through quality portrait and sport photography events and resources with top-notch educators for the creative community that provides a professional and personal experience like no other.

About the Events
SYNC's first portrait photography conference was held in 2009 standing for Senior & Youth National Conference with the original focus for professional photographers specializing in high school seniors, family and children portrait photography. With that success, it has grown to be so much more.

SYNC now has two events. The first annual event is held in February in Destin, Florida followed by SYNC Sports in the month of June in Lancaster, PA at Spooky Nook Sports, the largest indoor sports complex in North America.

Whether you seek          

     … a community for inspiration to reignite your creativity
     … resources to improve your photography
     … to increase your sales & marketing
     … to improve your business’ success
     ...a welcoming friendly portrait photography conference

      SYNC is for YOU! 

SYNC, The Main Event is a portrait photography conference with a balanced mix of classroom-style education, hands-on learning, and interactive & inspiring experiences. Approximately 500 industry creatives nationwide gather annually and have become a part of the SYNC family. The educators, mentors, and attendees are a perfect blend to challenge and help each other strive for the next level with a healthy balance between life and business.


Whether you're the owner, photographer, digital artist, marketing manager, sales team member or for's ALL of the above...SYNC is the place to be! - CLICK HERE to register 

SYNC Sports (schools, dance, cheer and more) - is scheduled for its third event in June of 2018. The event happens in Central Pennsylvania at Spooky Nook Sports, the largest indoor sports complex in North America. This event is for the team and individual photographer focused on volume sports, schools and dance photography and is limited to 200 attendees. CLICK HERE to register 

" The photography industry changes and evolves every day. As business owners, digital artists and photographers, we need a conference that will help us evolve and grow with the ever changing portrait photography market. SYNC was created in 2009 as a place for photographers to learn, share, and grow in a friendly open environment. Our show is more of a photography event instead of a traditional convention. SYNC combines both scheduled programming and relaxed get-togethers for professional photographers from all across the USA. The main stage educational programming will help you build your business and make your studio a success. The networking events will expand your creativity and build lasting friendships in the photography industry. SYNC will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help your studio grow. When you attend SYNC and apply what you learn, you will achieve success. We welcome all portrait photographers to experience SYNC. You will love it!"  

                                                                                                                 - Darty Hines, President  


WHO ATTENDS SYNC? Professional portrait photographers from all across the USA. Everyone is welcomed at SYNC no matter what your skill level. We prefer that you a part time of full-time photographer with a valid tax ID# and a business website. SYNC is recommended for portrait professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

WHERE IS SYNC, The Main Event? Our event has moved around throughout the years. We have held events in various cities in Florida. The main event is in Destin, Florida at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

IS SYNC JUST FOR HS SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERS? No. When SYNC was first founded, we were known for educational programming for photographers in the field of high school seniors. However, over the years the focus has changed to add programs for all aspects of a portrait studio. Our current focus is high school seniors, children, newborns, sports, sales, marketing, and business.

IS SYNC ONLY CLASSROOM EDUCATION? It's a nice mixture of classroom and small group sessions. During the day, everyone gathers in one meeting room for main stage programs. In the evenings and during trade show hours, we offer a wide variety of small group discussions. Many times the small groups meet ups happen naturally during lunch and dinner with photographers from all across the USA. 

IS SYNC A PORTFOLIO BUILDING WORKSHOP? No. There are no concept shoots or masses of photographers trying to elbow their way in for a shot of a model. We do love photography, and you will learn about lighting and posing, but SYNC's primary focus is your growing business. 

HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR SPEAKERS? With over 26 years in the photography industry, we have done our research. We do our best to bring in only the best speakers and presenters who are sharing without selling to you or having a rock star attitude. We like real people with real businesses who are willing to help you grow personally and professionally.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MY REGISTRATION FEE? You will see every main stage speaker. No need to choose. You will also get admission into the trade show and expo hall. This is where you can visit with leading companies and see new products and services. Our night events (SYNC Hangouts) are also included. We end the event with an awards program and entertainment. The only extra fees are the Jump Start (pre-conferences) classes, which are optional. 

WHAT ABOUT LUNCH AND DINNER? The team at SYNC always researches a location that has plenty of lunch and dinner options without the need of a car. At the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, there is a wide variety of affordable eateries all within two-minute walk of the conference center.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A CONFERENCE WILL I FIT IN? One of the best things about SYNC is the friendly helpful people who attend the event. Photographers from all across the US come together with one purpose, to help each other. You will love the people who attend SYNC and treat you like family. You will love SYNC! #SYNCrocks #SYNCwithFriends



We can tall you all about our event, but the truth comes from the photographers who attend SYNC themselves. You will notice a reoccurring theme in our testimonials... friendship. SYNC really does bring people together and creates lasting life long relationships. #syncwithfreinds 


"Sync is a great conference and I have been able to meet some amazing people who have become some of my mentors and great personal friends who are able to help me grow not only as a photographer but as a person as well! Life long friendships are made at SYNC." - Daniel Berry, Missouri


"The best part of attending Sync, especially for the first time, was all of the amazing people I met! The little pow wows we would break into were amazing! The speakers were amazing! The vendors were amazing! How open everyone was with their businesses, what works for them and what doesn' really makes you feel like you have a ton of friends when you leave!" - Tosha Lijewski, Michigan


"Sync has become my safe haven of photography industry friends who have honestly become family. We literally talk daily, helping one another navigate through these ever changing choppy waters of senior photography. I look forward to seeing and learning with my SYNC family every year. - Ginny Daniels For me, being in the top 3 for photographer of the year was such an accomplishment. It proves the fact that if you work really hard, and want something bad enough... It can happen. This conference has given me more confidence that I need to get me to the next level." - Bonnie Matassa, Louisiana


"Although we have attended every SYNC conference, this year was "life changing" as was predicted. We went out of our comfort zone and met with a group of members each evening in a smaller breakdown discussion group about the day's information. WOW ... they were awesome and it changed the way we will ever attend a convention again! As always, great friends and great information ... never an option to miss an event!!!!!" - Lisa Dunlap, Ohio


"At SYNC I met one of my very best friends."  - Beth Capuano, NY


"SYNC really opened up my eyes about my business! I love what I do, but I also do it to make a living! I have a family to support, so I had to make changes when I got home! I had to do what was best for us! Clients want digital images, but it just wasn't making ends meet, so I changed it! Simple! It just took listening and understanding my worth for things to really come together!" - Lindsey Ludvik, Wisconsin


 We are not a crowd. We are family.